The British Araucana Club

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Araucanas come in twelve standardised colours, both large and bantam, tailed and rumpless. They are the original blue egg layers, their eggs are unique as the blue colour permeates throughout the shell. All other breeds which lay blue eggs have had Araucana genes introduced into their breed. They are prolific layers and are usually in lay by 20 - 24 weeks of age and will often lay throughout the winter months. Araucana hens are not known for being broody and may therefore be unreliable sitters however having good fertility rates they are very easy to breed. Araucanas are great characters, they are a very friendly breed and generally the cocks are not aggressive. The breed has progressed significantly over the last few years due to the dedication of the club and its members who are striving to maintain the breed standards. It is important when buying birds to remember that Araucanas are very distinctive birds with triple pea combs, crests, muffs and beards, they do not have wattles, just because a bird lays a blue egg it does not mean that it is a true Araucana.

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