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(Verified Breeders fulfill at least two of the following criteria:  1. Active member of the Committee. 2. Show winner at The Poultry Club of Great Britain National Championship Show or the Federation Championship Show. 3. Verification by three members of the Committee. 4. Have stock available for sale on a regular basis.)

Verified Breeders...

Please note that to place your For Sale of Wanted adverts here you have to be a current member of the club. To place your advert please complete the submission form at the bottom of the page. Please note adverts will be removed after 2 months unless otherwise requested. To join the club click here.

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For Sale...

Pedley's Poultry- Winners of multiple prizes including champion Araucana (National 2014). Reserve champion Rhode Island Red (National 2015) as well as numerous best of breed awards at many shows. Birds available to order for collection or delivery to major shows. Hatching eggs also available from the following show quality pens--- Large fowl-- Lavender, Black, Black Red, Silver Duckwing, Pyle and Isabella Araucana. Rhode Island Red (in rosecomb and single comb). Silver Pencilled Poland and White Crested Poland..... Bantams available-- Black and Lavender Araucana's. Chamois, Gold Laced, White Crested, Cuckoo and White Polands... Waterfowl--- White, Apricot, Mallard, Magpie, Yellow Belly and Dark Silver Call Ducks. Fawn, White and Saxony Runner Ducks, Exhibition Toulouse.

contact: Lee Pedley - / 07852 253359 (Cornwall)


Large Fowl Lavender and Black Cockerels (2015) available now. At least one parent (often both) have won their class at the National, Scottish National or Federation shows. A couple of breeding pairs/trios of Large Fowl Rumpless also available...

Now taking orders for 2016 bred birds to be ready by autumn..

contact: Colin Booth - / 01913 734622 (Durham)


Lavender and White Bantams from show winning stock occasionally available

contact: Simon Windle 07796 302010 (West Yorkshire)


LF hatched 04/04/15 Black, Lavender with dark splashes and one with red splashes (can send photos) Black from National purchased parents, lavenders from non-show standard parents. Can sell up to 7 cockerels and 2 pullets (as a trio)

contact: Sue Chapman - / 07713 156681 (Derbyshire)


Bantams available from September onwards-- Tailed variety Lavender, White, Black, Blue. Cuckoo, Crele, Black Red, Golden Duckwing and Weaten... Also Rumpless White, Blue, Black, Black Red, Blue Red and Wheaten

contact: Dai O Davies- / 01558 822243 (Carmarthenshire)


Hatching eggs-- Large Fowl Black Red, Blue & Black.. Also Lavender Bantams

contact: Kate Odey- / 07826 555822 (Somerset)




Wanted-- Black Red Araucana breeding stock or hatching eggs

Contact: Helen Rose- / 07500704274 (North Hampshire)


Wanted-- Pyle Pullets or 2015 Hens

Contact: Ian Carrie- / +441515318232 (Lydiate Merseyside)

Colin Booth (Birds)

Dai Davies (Birds)

Kate Odey (Birds & Hatching Eggs)

Lee Pedley (Birds & Hatching Eggs)

Amanda Rowe (Birds & Hatching Eggs)

Frankie Serino (Birds & Hatching Eggs)

Simon Windle (Birds)


Please do not contact any of the above breeders unless they have eggs / birds in the For Sale section of this page!

The Araucana Club and its committee members accept no liability for and do not guarantee the quality of any of the stock or hatching eggs advertised on this page.  Any transactions are purely between the parties involved and are not connected to the club in any way whatsoever.

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