The British Araucana Club

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Dai Crele C Dai Crele h Blue B Cock Lee Black B White B Cock white B hen Frankies Black Kev Lav Dudley W Cock rump Johnson Blue R colin Rump Dan craven box Kates

To have pictures of your prize winning birds posted on this page please contact the Secretary. (Please note only club members may post their pictures here - any birds which are not deemed as true to standard by the committee will not be included). 

Colin rumpless cups

Many thanks to Rupert Stephenson and Tim Daniels of for the use of some of the photos on this page.

black pullet 1 white pullet white pullet rumpless cock 1 black puyllet 2 Colins black pullet and rump cock lavender bantam cock rumpless cock 2 black pullet and rumpless cock 2